Slack Notifications

Get notifications from your training experiment and stay updated with all the milestones of your code. No more watching the progress bar of your fit function to keep track of your model training. Use the same integration to get notification about other activities on Jovian.

Connect to a Slack Workspace

Visit and click on the Connect Slack. You’ll be redirected to Slack Webpage.

Choose a workspace from the top right corner and a channel to integrate our Slack app. By clicking on Allow integration will be completed and will get a acknowledgement on the selected channel, this is where you’ll be getting all your notifications.


We suggest you to create your own Slack Workspace so that you won’t spam with notifications on a public workspace.

Integration Preferences

You can customize on what notifications you get to your Slack. To update the preferences visit Integrations or you go to your Profile Dropdown on the top right corner and click on Integrations.

Send Notifications from your script

This will be helpful to get updates on while training a model. You can send any python dict or string, it can be when some milestones are reached or information about the metrics.

We have this integrated to our callbacks to get automated notifications about the metrics, check out Callbacks Section.

For API documentation check out Jovian Slack Notify