Keras Callback

class jovian.callbacks.keras.JovianKerasCallback(reset_tracking=True, arch_name='', every_epoch=False, notify=False)[source]

Keras Callback to log hyperparameters and metrics during model training.

  • reset_tracking (string, optional) – Will clear previously tracked hyperparameters & metrics, and start a fresh recording. Defaults to True.

  • arch_name (string, optional) – A name for the model you’re training.

  • every_epoch (bool, optional) – Whether to record losses & metrics for every epoch or just the final loss & metric. Defaults to False.

  • notify (bool, optional) – Whether to send notification on slack when the training ends. Defaults to False.

from jovian.callbacks.keras import JovianKerasCallback

# To record logs of every epoch and to notify on slack
jvn_cb = JovianKerasCallback(arch_name='resnet18', every_epoch=True, notify=True), y_train, ...., callbacks=[jvn_cb])


Visit this for a detailed example on using the fastai callback, also visit the Records tab to see all the logs of that notebook logged by the callback.