Command Line Commands


Requests for a API Key for a new user, can find the key at Jovian. By clicking on API key button, key will be copied to the clipboard.

$ jovian init

Clone a Notebook

Clone a notebook form Jovian, by clicking on the Clone button of a notebook repo the whole clone command will be copied to the clipboard.

$ jovian clone {notebook_id}

Pull the latest Notebook

Pull the latest version of the notebook, use the command in a cloned repository or from a repository where you have committed to jovian.

$ jovian pull


Make sure the changes are committed if needed, pull overwrites the current notebook.

Install the required dependencies

Install all the dependencies required to the the cloned notebook, use the command in a cloned repository.

$ jovian install


The above command prompts ` Please provide a name for the conda environment [{env_name}]: `

Press enter to install the dependencies to env_name (base env if the content of the square brackets is empty) else provide the env name in the prompt.


Displays the current installed version of jovian library.

$ jovian version

Enable or Disable Jupyter Notebook Extension

By default, the jovian jupyter extension is enabled.

$ jovian enable-extension
$ jovian disable-extension


The changes are observed when the webpage of the notebook is refreshed.