Comparing and Analyzing experiments

Once you have more than 2 versions of a notebook, you will be able to use Compare Versions present in the Version dropdown on the top right corner.

Here you can observe all types of information about all of your versions.

  • Title

  • Time of Creation

  • Author

  • All the parameters logged under dataset.

  • All the parameters logged under hyperparameters.

  • All the parameters logged under metrics.

  • Notes (for author and collaborators add extra notes)


You can sort any column or a sub-column (For ex: accuracy or any other metric, date of creation etc.) by clicking on the column header.

Show, Hide and Reorder columns

You can create a custom view to analyse & compare your choice of parameters. Click on Configure button and then tick on the checkboxes to create a customized view. Click and drag the elements to reorder them based on your preference.

Add notes

You can add notes to summarize the experiment for reference or for collaborators to refer to.

View Diff between specific versions

Select any of the 2 versions by ticking the checkbox next to each version-row of the compare table which can be seen when you hover over any row. Click on View Diff button to view the additions and deletion made.

Archive/Delete versions

Select version/versions by ticking the checkbox of the row/rows. This enables both Archive and Delete ready for the respective actions.


By default all the archived versions are hidden, you can display them by enabling Show Archived in Filter dropdown.